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Danish Jalil is a Dubai-based independent filmmaker, producer, writer & artist.

His award-winning live action animated short film “Conscience” (UAE’s first live-action animated short film), award-winning short films " Essence of the Desert", "Adumbral", "My Tree", "The Countdown", "Jollity" and "Stop or ExpIode", drama-thriller film "Is it or is it not!!" and most popular film “Stop or Melt!”(with Josep Calle) has been screened in more than 100 international film festivals. The films are still running successfully at multiple film festivals across the world.

His films with a unique message combining animation with live action proves to be a major success and his films have been critically acclaimed globally.

Danish also combines his personal projects in collaborations with TV/film production companies & other filmmakers. Currently he’s working on an independent web series.

Danish earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts from University of Karachi.


Brief biography: 

Danish Jalil (Professional name) also known as Muhammad Danish Jalil is a Pakistani filmmaker, producer, writer & artist. He was born in Bombay, India on 8th January to an Indian Cinematographer, Ad Filmmaker & Documentary Producer Mr. Jalil Qureshi(late) a graduate of FTII (Film & Television Institute, Pune, India). When he was 3 years old his family moved to Karachi, Pakistan. 

Currently residing in Dubai, UAE. 

The founder of Danish Jalil Films an independent TV & film production services company based in Dubai, UAE & Karachi, Pakistan. Started his career in 2001 as an AD & Model with the launch of Pakistan’s first satellite TV channel. Before founding his own business, he worked with numerous TV & film production houses as an Associate Director, Casting Associate, Concept Writer & Co-Producer. Also modeled for famous hair stylist at Dubai International Hair show plus TVC’s for popular brands. Later started working as a Producer & Director in 2006. Some of his work includes popular TV sitcoms, telefilms and award-winning short films.

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